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Gallery ALL, Los Angeles chineses takes on contemporary design…

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Founders Yu Wang is an architect and Qinqyun Ma is the Dean at the USC School of Architecture, they named their new project Gallery ALL to emphasize their goal of creating a crossroads for emerging designers, cutting-edge experimental design, and a center for educational ideas. Walking around the light-filled space with the founders and designers Zhoujie Zhang and Naihan Li  proved just how significant and exciting Gallery ALL promises to be.

The inaugural exhibit showcases the work of Zhoujie Zhang and Naiham Li, who Qinqyun Ma and Yu Wang consider to be the future of Chinese design. Zhoujie Zhang considers himself to be both a designer and maker of digital objects. He created software to scan the body, which a computer reads to create the chair. “Everyone has their own chair. I designed the DNA of how the chair grows,” he says. Currently the chairs are made in polished stainless steel, but eventually could be made in wood, plastic or other materials. There will be a hologram projection on the wall so gallery visitors can see the chair grow to the body, making each chair custom and how the technology moves from 2D to 3D.


Zhoujie makes each piece of furniture in flat sheets of steel, then laser-cuts geometric shapes and forms the structure in an origami-like fashion. Gallery ALL commissioned a new series from Zhoujie, a tornado table and chairs made in brushed brass. He was inspired by extreme minimalism in revered classic Chinese paintings and created a digitally simulated a tornado force in a few seconds, then took two years to develop the shape that started as a vessel and evolved into a table. The goal of the table was to harness the look of movement in welded metal by employing parametric mathematics to create the form.


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