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Sculpted by the wind.

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In Istanbul, there is a very peculiar building that is on the works that has the potential of bringing people to awe and enrage others. The RTA Office offers a n interesting design for the Telecommunication Tower, the forms suggestively resembles a minaret (a tower like spire that is use to call the Muslims into prayer) or a modern type of lighthouse., maybe none of those. But the architects strongly have faith in their idea and believe it its imminent success. They believe that it can build ideological bridges that can facilitate understanding and fill the gaps between Europe and Asia, bringing closely together both cultures.

In Istanbul, there seems to be a great tradition of respecting the scenery and geography of their sites, so the new proposal also aims at not putting in danger this relation, on the contrary, they hope it can bring an end to the loss the buildings and artifacts on the specific site. The attributes of the building will enhance the natural attributes of the site.

Now, the most interesting part about this proposal is that the shape of the tower is determined by the quantity of flexible threads placed on the body. The floor plans will be affected by the previous choice, allowing placing different functions in the same tower. The tower was also designed to work on wind power. The tower’s appearance changes depending on the visitor’s position. From solid while the visitor is afar, to a mesh when the visitor approaches.

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