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Awesome 3D drawings by Nagai Hideyuki

Nagai Hideyuki

When we talk about the three-dimensional drawings, we can not forget about Nagai Hideyuki he has an incredible knack for seeing the potential for cool perspective drawings along flat surfaces. In his drawings we can see his amazingly detailed illustrations that jump off the pages in lively and entertaining forms. His was inspired by Julian Beever (this man is another exceptional of 3D  illustrator).

In his playful 3D art, Hideyuki has drawn everything from silly monsters emerging from paper to a colorful Spiderman who is poised and ready for action. The artist focuses on strong lights and shadows and uses multiple notebooks propped and angled to produce his clever illusions of depth.

From a direct view, the drawings magically transform into three dimensional scenes but the truth is revealed upon a closer inspection from various angles.

Hideyuki has been experimenting with more colors in his most recent works, exemplifying his style of work. Though the drawings are life-like in their three-dimensionality, the addition of color doesn’t take away from the fact that they are very much a manifestation of illustrations come to life rather than an accurate rendition of reality

He has been making showing on videos his playfulness drawings and showing to us his different angles of his 3D drawings.  I personally loved his drawing and dedication… He is an excellent artist.

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