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10 Brilliant Graphic Design Trends of 2016

Hello I’m going to talk about most trends on graphic design for 2016_17 as well we known comes and goes into new trend also most keep bring old trends again general . Its a process begin and gradually moves to other areas as graphics design  illustration packing and home decor .

1. Flat 2.0  is characterised by a clean, colorful look, big typography, white space, and subtle gradients. It’s influenced by minimalism, Bauhaus and the Swiss Style. Flat design was introduced in 2006 with Microsoft’s Zune mp3 player, refreshed by Apple’s iOS 7 in 2013, and further refined by Google’s Material design in 2014 It’s also easy to mix flat design with more intricate or hand drawn artwork and photography, which makes the trend versatile and flexible.

2 Bold, Playful Typography –together with tools like the Glyphs app that make the production of fonts more easy and inexpensive, pave the way for dramatic and creative typography. Bold statements, playful sans-serif typefaces, and letter stacking.We’ll continue to see new crops of handwritten fonts in 2016

3. Whimsical Illustrations-  An example can be seen in Dropbox’s friendly doodles that inject a playful human element. Illustrators continue to explore sketchy lines and brushstrokes, mixing their tools and techniques, digital and analog.

4.The New Retro – The Memphis Group, and arcade video games.. Think about bold colors, pixel art, playful geometric designs and patterns and they are from 80 and 90 s inspirations

5.Motion-Photos and illustrations come to life with 2D animation and cinemagraphs. With just a flicker of movement, enough to catch our attention without distracting from the content, this is a hybrid of motion and still.

6.Minimalist Logotypes -Minimalism, flat design, negative space, subtle gradients, kinetic logos and crisp mono line styles

7.Geometric Shapes-Low-poly effects and sacred geometry shift into layered geometries and blend with the 80’s influences of the Memphis Group’s design. Expected to be strong in packaging design.

8. Print-inspired- Inspired by pre-digital printing processes, it displays slabs of colour, rich textures, and mis-print effects. and we’ll see this style evolve to take its cue from the Risograph with it’s bright, neon colors and fun, unpredictable overprint effects.

9. Abstract Swiss-Unlike the popular card layout trend, this trend aims to break the rules. Deconstruct and distorting layouts in a seemingly random way.

10.Movies and Cartoons- Under The Skin and Ex Machina, and the spy genre with tv-series such as Homeland and London Spy. The Outer Space trend is trending just now in the children’s market. Will film and TV influence graphic design in future .

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