Comunidad de diseñadores puertorriqueños

10 of the most inspiring graphic designers in South Korea and China today


Lo que es la cultura asiatica me encanta, por tal he estado buscando diseñadores de Corea y de China y he visto muchos de sus trabajos y la verdad es que son geniales… Ellos tiene una imaginación bien “blown away” hahaha 🙂

Bueno Comenzamos con los disenadores

01.Ahn Graphics (korean) – ” Ahn Sang-soo, Ahn Graphics is a Seoul-based design and publishing house that consists of four main departments: design, digital, media, and publishing.”

02. TypePage   

“Artist-designers Jin Dallae and Park Woohyuk form the visual communication and design studio, TypePage. Their concept-heavy work is abstract in nature, characterised by simple geometric forms reminiscent of Vasily Kandinsky.”

03. Sulki & Min

“Sulki Choi and Min Choi reside in Seoul, and form the well-known partnership Sulki & Min. Sulki studied Communication Design at Chungang University; Min at Seoul National University.

Both earned their MFA degrees in Graphic Design at Yale University (where they met), and worked as design researchers at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, The Netherlands from 2003 until 2005.”


01. Nod Young

“Nod Young is a Beijing-based graphic designer and illustrator. Widely recognised for his unique creative style – characterised by accurate contours, rhythmic layout and passionate colours – he boasts an impressive client list including Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Nokia, Microsoft, Mercedes, FIAT, and Greenpeace.”

02. Lok Ng

“Lok Ng is a self-taught designer who gracefully merges typography and calligraphy with illustration in order to evoke traditional Chinese spirit via a contemporary visual language.Part of artsworthing (awt) Design Inc. (an independent, concept-driven design company based in Guangzhou, south China), Lok Ng has worked with clients as diverse as MTV, Tiger Translate, Suren magazine, Newwebpick, Rvlvr magazine, Kule magazine and Canton radio. He is a graduate of Guangzhou City Polytechnic.”


10 of the most inspiring graphic designers in South Korea today

The 10 most inspiring designers in China today


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