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7 step to make a hand lettering by yourself

Introduction :  Hand Lettering is typography that is made by hand or the process of inscribing making letters . in this post will talk about how to make your own hand lettering by hand . There are some tips how to start yours own hand lettering

1. Is get learning or read books about  what is hand lettering by joanne sharpie  ( artful lettering and the art of whimsical lettering have different type lettering .

2 . Then get a sketbook to practice your hand lettering with a pen or thin makers you can let imagination flows or be creative with your hand lettering .

3.You could get or have pack of makers like copic doodle or another maker , prismacolour , watercolor ,

4. Have shape water based paint maker because is great making bad lines on your hand lettering .

5. Have white gel ink pen that help add details and and highlights your hand lettering.

6. You have find beauty in your work .

7. Being be creative and explore new way in your hand lettering , add color the hand lettering .

In Conclusion this can be way be relax and explore new horizon in the world of typography that  you could add later into your workplace and be your logo in hand lettering if you could want to .



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