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10 Things You Need to Know About Working with Vectors in Photoshop

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You thought you knew how to deal with vectors in Adobe Photoshop?  There are always several tips and tricks we do not know yet.  In the following article, Martin Perhiniak makes us a list of ten of those helpful tips and tricks        for the designers to deal with vectors in a pixel-based app as Photoshop.

The first tip or tool he mention us in the list is how to use the Freeform Pen Tool.  As in Adobe Illustrator, the pen tool is one the most important tool, if not the most important, when talking about vectors refers, at least that’s my point of view.  With the pen tool we have the opportunity to edit the different paths, whether they are shapes or text layers.  However, the most important use for the freeform pen tool in Photoshop is that the user can trace a path and convert it into a selection or a mask.  That’s very useful when painting with brushes or editing a photography.  Another strong feature is the Rubber Band, that is also related with the pen tool.

The Rubber Band is a hidden feature that lets you know, when tracing a path, how the next segment will look like before placing the anchor point.  That way, we reduce the need to be using the undo command to avoid errors when tracing something.

There are a lot of useful Photoshop features that Martin introduce to us in this very interesting 10-things-to-know list.  As a graphic designer, I think Photoshop is a powerful app, made for pixel-based images editing, but that actually lets the user interact with different formats, such as vectors, videos, audio, and more.  In conclusion, if your in the graphic design field, I strongly suggest you to take a look at this interesting article.

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