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A Documentary About Design Thinking


In the documentary Design and Thinking directed by Mu-Ming Tsai many designers offer their point of view on the discussion of what Design Thinking is really about, reinforcing my hypothesis of why this methodology is accurate and not a failure. In the documentary Paul Pangaro argues that design itself is pretty superficial without the thinking part “thinking is something you do first, then you make”. We also need to know where the user stands and what the human needs are in order to make significant and functional design. In other hand John Pittman  thinks that we designers must work with integrated systems achieving a more complex view on what the problem to resolve is. For a wider view on the problem we designers must ask ourselves “why?”. When we question “why” we are able to define and create purpose. The difference between designer and a businessman is that the businessman tries one solution and wants it to work while the designer tries many solutions knowing some of them  will fail. Many companies don’t know what to do with designer. Designers often scare them. Business speaks a very finite number of languages. They stick to the rigid budget-save zone.

Most business don’t understand that in order to succeed, we need to prototype fast and fail cheaply.  This is the main reason why many huge corporations get beaten by kickstarters. Kickstarters have very little to lose and much to gain, they don’t need to keep exploiting the same resources as the big guys do on big corporations. Kids in garages as many refer to kickstarters are the one creating and inventing the future. It’s all about redesigning business models in order engage differently the process of innovation.


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