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Amaizing Carved Crayon

Crayon Yoda

Who says that crayons are for only painting and drawings, well Tran takes the time to play with crayons, for him crayons are perfect material to do some sculptures. He has the ability to turn something simple as we see it in to something creative, unique and wonderful. He is loves the crayon and wax. He melts wax from other colors of crayons and applies it as an accent to the main figure. This small detail makes the work pop and the portrait instantly recognizable.

Using large-size Crayola crayons, the artist delicately hand-carves them into pop-culture icons. Hello Kitty, Han Solo, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are just some of the incredibly detailed figures that he’s able to produce.

Tran’s handiwork is available for purchase through his Etsy shop. He doesn’t just carve fictional characters, though. If you’re looking for a custom-produced pet portrait made from a small stick of wax, then you’ve found your guy. Both pop culture characters and commissioned works are available to view on his Tumblr 

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