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Free Font of the Week: Big John / Slim Joe – Review

Big John / Slim Joe fonts were made by Ion Lucin from Madrid, Spain.

Young designers like to experiment with colors, and mostly important, fonts. This review, about fonts, is dedicated to them.

Picking a nice font that matches your creative design can somewhat be a pain in the head. And mostly if the client does not like it. That is why, searching for simple and clean fonts is so important. In this post, I am going to share my review of an article by Callie Budrick of HOW Magazine, featuring the fonts Big John and Slim Joe.

Big John / Slim Joe fonts were made by Ion Lucin from Madrid, Spain.

Big John / Slim Joe fonts were made by Ion Lucin from Madrid, Spain.

Featured on HOW Magazine, the Free Font of the Week spotlight belongs to Big John / Slim Joe fonts, made by the designer Ion Lucin. The primary reason to love these typefaces is their originality. They were not created with a font already available; Big John and Slim Joe were created from scratch. I can tell that Lucin was really inspired making both fonts, because by using them I just can feel it. Since the day I downloaded these fonts, I must tell that I enjoy placing them in my personal creations. With this said, I highly recommend them.

For the curious out there, I will share the exact story of the font, that can be viewed in HOW Magazine (because they could not have said it better than me):

About the face: Everything about this family is wonderful—from the story, to the execution. Designer Ion Lucin enjoys experimenting with typography, but felt guilty when altering other designers’ typefaces. So, Lucin created Big John, a typeface to share with everyone.

Slim Joe, “an ultra light version,” became the sister font of Big John. “In combination, the two create a perfect and bold contrast.” Both fonts are all caps and geometric, making them perfect for headlines and subtitles. Big John and Slim Joe are both free for personal and commercial use. “Design. Animate. Illustrate. Free for everyone. Enjoy.”

Finally, thumbs up for the amazing work of Ion Lucin!

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