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Bruce Nussbaum calls Design Thinking a failed experiment

Bruce Nussbaum

Nussbaum in his article for Fast Company “Design Thinking Is A Failed Experiment” (2013), he mentions that the decade of DT (Design Thinking) is ending and many professionals in the business industry are moving into CQ (Creative Intelligence). Nussbaum discusses in his article that one of the main factors that made Design Thinking was so welcoming in Companies was that it was packaged as a process. Packaging Design Thinking as a process was counterproductive, “there were many successes, but far too many more failures in this endeavour”. Nussbaum explains that “companies absorbed the process of Design Thinking all too well, turning it into a linear, gated, by-the-book methodology”. Design Thinking is a very organic process that requires getting out of your comfort zone, something many companies aren’t willing to do.  Another quote from Nussbaum’s article: “Design Thinking was a scaffolding for the real deliverable: creativity. But in order to appeal to the business culture of process, it was denuded of the mess, the conflict, failure, emotions, and looping circularity that is part and parcel of the creative process. In a few companies, CEOs and managers accepted that mess along with the process and real innovation took place.” This tells us a lot of how the Design Thinking model doesn’t fit into the traditional corporate business market. In order for real innovation to happen there needs to be risk-taking actions that don’t guarantee success.  There is where the true meaning of leaving the comfort zone lays, where not everyone wants to go.


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