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Can Design Save the Newspaper

Photo Montage of Ted Talk Speaker Jacek Utko and his publication designs.

I’m not sure if we are all familiar with TED Talks?  I have been aware of them for years now, but it hasn’t been until recently that I have gotten into the rhythm of watching them with regularity – and growing as a person as a result.  The TED Talks topics are very diverse, but they are mostly fascinating and delivered with eloquence by a wide range of subject matter experts.  If you aren’t familiar with them, I urge you to look them up – on, on Youtube, or on Facebook (my particular favorite, because once you like them, they suggest links that appear on your feed.)

Recently, I watched Mathew Carter’s talk “My life in Typefaces” which was a very informative talk for all of us that are interested in the development of typefaces.  From this talk, however; I was directed to a wonderful talk by Jacek Utko’s: Can design save the newspaper?  This talk provides a great example of how content and design can complement each other in order to revitalize the print industry; as seen in various former Soviet block publications.  This talk spoke to me in many ways:  first, I simply loved the various design approaches that the art directors took in the design of the front pages – treated as posters; also, the value of experimentation with type, photography and Illustration that has been overlooked by American publications and relegated to Magazine design; finally, Jacek Utko delivers some powerful lines that stopped me on my tracks:  “To be Good, is Not good enough,”  “Give power to the Designer” and the three things a designer needs for success “Inspiration, Vision and Determination.”

I urge you to take the 6 minutes and watch the talk by clicking here.

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