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Creative New Year!


I might just have found my next personal project: a 2015 calendar design; I figure a year and some change might give me sufficient time to come up with a clever concept.  I felt inspired after seeing “QB’s 15 Creative Examples of 2014 Calendar Design”, and eclectic collection of memorable calendars with varying levels of sophistication and usability – the common thread, however, is that they are all highly creative. The New year is just around the corner, and with it comes the task of finding the right calendar. The days of hanging the old advertising/calendar you received freely from your neighborhood dry cleaners are over; nowadays, we strive to find (or even better yet, create) a calendar that represents us and our interests.   We’ve all seen the themed calendars – cars, puppies, babies, etc – they are quite popular, but most follow the same established format:  picture – boxed calendar – repeat;  depending on the strength of the single picture, you get an impression for the whole month. The calendars in this list however  are sure to keep you delighted, surprised and entertained throughout the year.  Each of the 15 Creative Examples of 2014 Calendar Design is innovative in its own way, be it subject matter, calendar display, calendar marking systems, development processes, and materials used.  I have a few favorites – 365 typefaces for 2014, the CMYK Calendar and the Milky Pin Ups – these in particular appeal to my artistic preferences , but I’d be happy to have any of these on my wall or desk at home or office.

Read more about the list by clicking here.

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