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Environmental Graphics and other Typographic Wonders from HOW Design

MEAT liquor Mural

As a Graphic Design Professional and Web Design student , I am in constant search for inspiration and knowledge.  I have files full of inspiring projects and graphic resources in my computer as well as a growing bookmark collection of pages that provide excellent insights into current pages.  One of such pages is HOW Design.  If you are a budding designer I exhort you to follow HOW Design through their website ( or social media outlets.  This site offers a ton of resources for designers at all levels.  One of my favorite of such resources is “Top 10 Websites for Designers”, it is a monthly list that the HOW team compiles that offers a good sampling of what is being done in the United States and abroad.

December’s list offers a striking collection of graphically-and- typographically-diverse websites. One in particular stood out to me:  Graphic Ambient, an archive of environmental graphics, way-finding systems, signage, murals and graphic interventions.  Although the site layout is not particularly remarkable, the content was fascinating because it showed an expansive collection of environmental graphics; some which were delightful and many which are found abroad and to which many of us might not have the exposure to. The Prostate Cancer UK Offices, in the United Kingdom was particularly lovely.  Hat Trick design agency created an image system utilizing male symbols in the public domain; the result  was the ‘man of men’ symbol that represents all men.  A simple idea that developed properly delivers a striking visual communication.

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