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How to Create an Email Newsletter with MailChimp for Free


Have you ever thought about your next marketing strategy?  Not only in social networks we can market our products and services in an economical and effective way.  Since before, email newsletters were an effective way to run our business or product to the next level.  In the following article, David Masters shows us how to create an email newsletter through MailChimp, an email marketing service provider.

MailChimp is a highly recognized service worldwide.  Not only we can create the email newsletter, but also allows us to send 2,000 emails free.  It’s a good start, not?  In addition, it gives us the tools to add subcriptores, through contact forms.  It is a very user friendly platform.  Everybody can manage their campaigns without a designer’ knowledge.

First, you have to create an account.  Through that account, you can create many campaigns as you wish and manage several clients at the same time.  After creating the account, proceed to create the campaign and email lists.  It is very easy, you just need to fill the information of the sender to create the campaign.  And for the email lists, is the same easy steps plus importing the emails list in a text or a compressed file.  With the list and the campaign set, then start using the designer’s skills.

Another important feature is the pre-made templates they offer.  You don’t have to know absolutely nothing about design. You just have to type in your info and arrange the elements in a proper way.  That’s in the case you decide to use a template.  Also you can create your own custom theme and upload it.  There are many ways you can manage your emails campaign.  As for me, I prefer using MailChimp for the ease and convenience of the service.

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