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Magazine covers that deserve a second look


It may be because I have a short attention span, maybe a touch of long-undiagnosed ADD, or perhaps I’m just easily distracted (squirrel!), but I can’t deny my fondness of short lists. “Top ten this…” “Top twenty that…” “Year’s best…” (you get the picture) they are all pretty great – especially when accompanied by striking visuals. Could it be a sign of the times? Maybe because of the amount of information that is readily available to us through advances in technology, many (like me) enjoy tasty little morsels of information versus long drawn-out articles. I am not presently equipped to answer this, but it would make for an interesting discussion. One thing I can declare: I like my information like I like my ladies (ehem!) coffee: fast, short, and sweet. With this in mind I’d like to discuss Creative Bloq’s “The 20 best magazine covers of 2013.”  This is a great and varied showcase of magazine covers that the CB folks put together; quite inspiring, certainly entertaining and sometimes even a little risqué.

They all have their individual merit, but I particularly enjoyed #02. Bloomberg Businessweek, a simple, recognizable visual metaphor that delivers a ton of content by association. I saw this on the shelves and had to do a double-take, to realize it wasn’t a printer mistake. #05. Novum, used photochromic inks to deliver their message, an innovative approach that makes good use of existing technologies.  Finally #11. The New Yorker, a great juxtaposition of imagery that spurred dialogue through controversy.  Whatever your position is on the subject matter, the beauty of the imagery is undeniable and the execution close to flawless.

I have had the opportunity to art direct a small publication in the past while in the Army, but due to the nature of the material discussed, our covers were never this playful; looking ahead at future work and inspired by clever covers such as these, I sure would like an opportunity to give it a shot.

I invite you to look at the list for yourself by clicking here, let me know which is(are) your favorites or add a link to another one that inspired you.

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