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Moshik Nadav: Lingerie

Lingerie by Moshik Nadav

Moshik Nadav, born and raised in Israel has always been interested in typography. He slowly gained his recognition via international design publications and typography and design blog. When he graduated, he had already invented 4 typefaces. Nadav established his design business (Moshik Nadav Typography) in 2009. He gets his style from his love of fashion and adoration of the female form. He pays close attention to lines and curves that would define his design, just as a fashion designer would when creating garments for their models. His designs usually involve contrasting line strokes and delicate, extended serifs that entwine and envelop each other. When creating each letter, they have their own look, that makes each one authentic but when seen from afar as a whole alphabet they all fit each other well.

Lingerie Typeface. Made For Fashion. Designed To Seduce. Moshik Nadav Typography.

Lingerie Typeface. Made For Fashion. Designed To Seduce. Moshik Nadav Typography.

In this blog post they dedicated to asking him about his latest typeface titled, Lingerie. When asked why he made a connection between fashion and creating new typeface he said he saw a direct connection between both elements. As you create a new typeface you are creating a new style, just as any other fashion designer would when creating their own collection.

They asked him if he’s studied fashion to get a deeper understanding of it and to be able to mix both terms. He said his perspective on fashion comes from the branding and editorial side. He just wants to give fashion magazines and fashion brands a way to call the consumer to it and make it more attractive.

He was also asked how did he come up with his aesthetic and how’d he know it would work in the end, to this he answered that he worked for years on each typeface, he doesn’t see himself as someone who follows the rules as he himself is an inventor, he also talked about his experience creating his first typeface Paris Pro, he also mentioned that as he created Lingerie he noticed he wanted to much more out of it then when he created Paris Pro.

Nadav said that Lingerie took him more than two years and a half to create. He would recreate each letter over and over again because he wanted everything to be perfect.

When asked if he had a favorite letter in the alphabet he created he said he could not choose just one due to each letter being a part of him. But one of them had to be the lowercase g. He came into this project knowing that he wanted to do something with the lowercase q, due to it being so simple and he wanted to make it stand out.

As expected he commented on what was the inspiration behind this typeface and he continued to say that he often wondered how would these letters look next to a Victoria’s Secret models or how it would look on the cover of Vogue magazine. Some models that also inspired this alphabet were Elsa Hosk, Taylor Hill, Stella Maxwell, Martha Hunt and Sara Sampaio.

Original Post: Moshik Nadav: Bringing Sexy Back to Type – HOW Design

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