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Taking A Second Look At Free Fonts

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Cheaper is more expensive at the end, as people say.  Free fonts are a good choice when selecting typefaces for our design, especially when they cost nothing.  The main differences are the extended families with many weight variants, italics, and glyphs that not all free fonts have.  The following article tells how Jeremiah Shoaf had his first experience using free fonts and why he had to do that.

Early in Jeremiah’s career, he was looking to buy a font for a project, when his manager rejected the idea and handled him a CD with 5,000 fonts inside, and said: “This CD has every font a designer could possibly need…” When he opened the CD in his computer, he was terrified with the fonts he was seeing. There was incomplete font families, missing glyphs, fonts with no italics, among other typographic atrocities.  However, should be noted that early in Jeremiah’s career means that it’s been a couple of years.

Nowadays, with the open-source communities sharing their fonts with the world, we have the opportunity to select from a large range of free font families, many of them “big-families”, without any cost.  The best of having large font families is the possibility to establish typographic hierarchies without the use different fonts in the same document.  In my opinion, I think we should continue to use free fonts, unless a specific font is required.  There are benefits to use free fonts, not only their “no cost at all”, but their accessibility.  In conclusion, there arre many important type foundries producing open source font families and I think that as designers we should take advance of that.

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