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The Basics of User Interface Design

Ai 6th

User interface is everywhere, on computers, smartphones, video game consoles, cameras, even your TV has an user interface. We as designers are tasked to make the user understand it, and at the same time to work and as all the functions needed packed into it. So here are some of the basics of how to design an user interface that works well.

 Know the user

You should be able to make it easy for them to achieve their goals and in order to do that it really helps to learn about the user’s skills and their other experiences with other interfaces, learn how they actually use those interfaces and how it could translate to your designs.

 Don’t reinvent the wheel

It’s really probable that the user already has experience on other interfaces, if you follow a similar approach in your design, then there’s a better chance they will know already how almost everything works.


This is crucial, without it the user will probably find himself lost often. Things like the layout, icons, gestures and the overall design should consistent. If something works this way here they will think it works the same there.


Like almost all the other things in design; the simpler, the better. A good interface is minimal and doesn’t get in the user’s way. Also really think about what user needs, don’t add things just because it looks “cool” or good. Keep functionality the main priority.


The interface should let the user if they’re doing something, like when the user presses a button it turns darker for example. Also when the app is loading or making progress in the background and it’s gonna take long, then let the user know by adding a loading bar, spinning circle or something similar.



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