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The Spirit of Collaboration

Collaborative Illustration by Tatsputin and his kids

Redditor “Tatsputin” often takes long flights for work; to pass the time, his two creative kids give him some of their own artwork to color in.  The results are pretty special.

I think this parent/child collaborations can be an example to us all.  Sometimes in the business of our lives, we forget to take the time to share, create and play with those that we cherish most (and for whom we are probably doing all the hard work to begin with.)  “That is wonderful honey, put it on the fridge” may not cut it any longer, these type of collaborations not only foster the child’s creativity, but it shows that his(her) effort is well appreciated.  A collaboration such as this is a piece of art that can be shared like Tatsputin did, or kept and treasured to be looked at some day in the future.  Don’t have the coloring skills? Things can be scanned and colored in digitally – the feature artist from the article has also experimented with this using his Ipad. This one action can form a special “creative bond” and have a lasting effect in your relationship for years to come.

Read more about Tatsputin’s collaboration with his kids by clicking here.

The world needs more collaboration, not only between parent and child, but at many levels throughout a person’s development. This rings especially true for those of us that are training in creative fields.  I recently witnessed a few young people develop thesis ideas for  projects that have the potential to be developed at a much grander scale than one individual can take it on his/her own. I wonder why some people have problems reaching out to others for help? Are students today not given sufficient opportunities  to collaborate with others such as idea board that are readily available? Or is it that we have been brought up in the belief that great ideas are meant to be developed in secrecy so no one beats you to the punch? Perhaps we need to guide future generations into collaborative projects from an early age so that they learn the value of sharing their ideas and putting their collective intellect together to create results that may have greater impact.

The spirit of collaboration can be an example to us all; beyond our development, beyond the classroom.  As creative professionals we should convene, be it by projects or within guilds in order to develop ideas that educate, improve, and promote change in our society.  These type of projects would be particularly beneficial to students that are in college, or fresh out,  in order to create some non-conceptual pieces of real-world, relevant work to add to their portfolios.

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