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Since the 1980s when first video killed the radio star, music videos have been a major creative outlet and  source of inspiration to many aspiring artist/designers.  Throughout the years, videos have been filled with poetic visual imagery inspired by the lyrics and the particular vision of the director. In this era were web-based file sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo have taken the reigns of the music video market, motion graphics and typographical performances are enjoying their time in the spotlight – a typographical renaissance of sorts.

1. Dream: Husbands is number one for a reason, it is not only beautiful, but astonishing in the level of complexity, ingenuity and genuine care with which it was made.  In it, the lyrics flash in different typefaces that were carefully considered and arranged for maximum visual impact. Even more impressive is that the lights are connected to a type of switchboard and that as the lyrics appear, there is a person controlling the switchboard giving a type of musical performance that is also enjoyed by visual means.

2. Cardiknox – Technicolour Dreaming, is a delightful blast from the past; drawing inspiration from straight-to-video movie posters of the 80s.  You can trace visually trace back the posters that inspired them and enjoy it at a different level through nostalgic eyes.

Sometimes it is language, and typography in particular that propels a video to a new level of delightfulness; such is the case of the videos highlighted in this article.

Read the article and enjoy the videos by clicking here.

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