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Ways to boost your design productivity

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Jessica Draws provides 8 achievable ways to boost your design productivity in her feature on

1. Plan your day.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” are words that ring true in every project, no matter what industry.  Deadlines and schedules can become overwhelming and it’s sometimes difficult to stay on top of them. It is important to make a plan, a schedule, an order of what is next for you to tackle.  The author suggests making a list before leaving every night of tasks in order of priority for the next morning.  These days a lot of people preach multi-tasking; the author says to focus on one task at a time in order to deliver something of much better quality.

2. Use Post-its

They are “low-tech”, but effective. It’s hard to ignore a big yellow note on your screen.  Also it is very rewarding, and even therapeutic to cross off tasks of a list with a pen.

3. Take regular breaks

Sitting in front of a screen for 8 to 10+ hours a day is not healthy.  Taking regular breaks allows your brain to reboot,  The author recommends walking away from the screen and flipping through your favorite design magazines that way you soak up a ton of inspiration.

4. Do some doodling

The author professes the ‘the super quick daily doodle’.  A 30 second exercise to doodle something on your mind or the most ridiculous thing you could draw.  The creative equivalent to going and using a punch bag and letting out your frustrations.

5. Don’t let people drag you down

Try to minimize the time you spend with The Negatives, or try to meet them within a group; that way their negative energy is spread around.  Try to go back to a more positive atmosphere afterwards whether it is your office or a quick call to your that one person that makes you smile.

Try your best to surround yourself with positive, upbeat, ambitious people and you are sure to feel motivated and achieve your goals.

6. Use time tracking

Track your time on everything.  This will help you develop accurate estimates of how long something will take in order to get paid appropriately.  Procrastinators (like myself) beware, the time you spend checking things like Facebook during work can be really deceiving.  Track the time you spend procrastinating and with Internet detours (without cheating) and add it up for a week – and you will be shocked.

7. Give yourself Rewards

Little 5 minutes to enjoy a trailer, a good cup of coffee, a good laugh at something that takes your mind of the deadline.  You are more likely to focus 100% on a task knowing that there’s a small break at the end.  It also discourages social network checks and texting.

8. Put your pens away in your desk.

Tidy desk, tidy mind.  Sort yourself out and get organized.  Set specific times to read e-mails in order to get things done.

These are feasible, achievable tasks that can improve our creative productivity.  Changing one’s mindset and work habits can help us become super productive, acquire a cheerful disposition and achieve our goals.

Read the complete article by Jessica Draws here.
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