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Design Principles: Compositional Flow And Rhythm

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I strongly disagree with the search form example. The button here is also the label. In english we put the verb first then the subject because it establishes the context “Search for the cheese”, we do X with the Y. As an English speaker I read the label, “search” as “search for.” And this establishes the context, meaning. Label first means I can decide whether to abandon parsing this row as non important, or I can immediately see it as my destination. As for moving the mouse, or action point retrograde from this point, surely on a form submission we anticipate a new result set to appear post-click. After pressing search I expect the user to be rescanning the new results in a big F shaped page scan shortly after. So in fact we are doing the right thing by sending them back toward the top left corner. The reason for saying the button should come after is a usability concern. Granted this would be for languages that read left to right. As you’re typing in the search field, you’re moving to the right. It makes sense to have the button be where you’re heading as opposed to behind you, in this case on the right of the search field. The search question could be dependent on context. We found if it was directly above a list an edit box on its own seemed enough to indicate a search,  no search button was required. I guess this still fits with principle of composition and flow.

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