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These set of tutorials deal with responsive design – a web design approach through which you craft cross-platform-friendly websites that are easy to read, easy to navigate; with limited scrolling, panning and resizing in order to optimize the viewer’s experience and maximize your communication success.
Responsive design is of particular importance when crafting your portfolio website, because you never know when the opportunity will present itself for you to show your website to a prospective employer, and what means of display will be available to you at the time.  At that moment you want your best foot forward and not have to come up with excuses – it looks better in the monitor at home; don’t know what could be happening, must be the Wi-Fi (if all else fails, blame the Wi-Fi.)  I’m ready to try some of these out – after a much deserved rest.  Of particular interest to me is the “building a responsive site in a week” tutorial which is divided in four parts.  Now that I have been armed with the CSS and HTML knowledge from this class, I’m confident I could tackle it with moderate comfort.

Information should be easily accessible so that you engage your viewer and establish that connection. Web communication should simple, but not simplistic; as designers we must find the balance between aesthetic form and function.  Responsive design is something to be mindful about.

I sure wish I had heard about these tutorials earlier in the design process of my personal website, but such is life – we live, we learn, we do it all over, again.

Read more about responsive design here.

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