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Responsive Web Design

Illustration by Ramón Antonio Álvarez

Responsive web design (RWD) is a way of doing Web Design directed at creating the best viewing and interaction with any website from any device, being a mobile phone, tablet or desktop monitors. The site designed with RWD should be able to adapt its grid’s size using percentages and not absolute units like pixels. Use of flexible images and faster loading sites for access over cellular networks is also a requirement. The term “Responsive Web Design” was first introduced by Ethan Marcotte in “A list apart magazine” article. Since that moment, it has become quite a popular term.

There are those in the web community who still believe that RWD is just not important enough to be an absolute requirement and leave it just as an optional thing. Those who believe so are still hanging to the past, when there were just only desktops and people didn’t carry any significant devices with them. Now day’s people have a plethora of capable devices that are constantly in use. And for sure this is only the beginning, the web keeps growing and with it the demand for new ways and devices capable to be faster and designers won’t be able to cope with the demand using the old ways. Regular web design and RWD must become one and the same thing.

And right now RWD is needed more than ever. The average webpage weight rose 50%, that’s over 1MB in increase from 2012 to 2013!  The industry seems to be heading to the wrong direction, since it is in the best interest of any website to have optimum speeds  for search engine rankings and costumer conversions.  So, no matter that it actually takes more time to design a page for multiple devices.  But it is in the best interest of the designer to achieve this, because the market will be getting bigger and more diverse.

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