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Using Sketch For Responsive Web Design (A Case Study)

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I’m a PhotoShop user and I use it for everything from photo-manipulation to web-design. It’s my tool of choice due to my long experience with it, even though I know it’s clunky and slow. On a recent project I needed to generate lots of screen designs and the friend used Sketch. It only took a day to get up to speed with the tool and I ended up creating screens much faster than I ever could have done in PhotoShop. Now that my project is over, I’m a Windows user, I’ve had to return to PhotoShop. It’s so very slow and cumbersome compared to Sketch that I now want to stab my own face off with a plastic spoon. Of course, it’s not the whole story. I still need to use PhotoShop for generating other kinds of work, including heavily textured bitmap interfaces, and at the moment Sketch is woefully behind for that sort of work. But that’s OK because it’s not setting out to do that sort of work. It’s a tool for creating flat, clean vector driven UI. If there is a Sketch equivalent for Windows, I am all ears. As much as I liked it, I’m not about to replace all my Windows machines with Macs just to run one app. By no means saying it’s perfect, just thinking of other potential vector based programs that he could use on his PC. I used it for ages before I switched to sketching by hand and working in the browser, and it did everything I needed. Always preferred it to PS given the easy resizing scaling of elements and have multiple art boards.

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