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Dangerously Beautiful Photography

Dangerously beautiful sollage

Recently, I came across the work of Katerina Plotnikova, a Russian photographer that has created a fascinating photographic series in which her models interact with a variety of animals.  Simply put, her images are mesmerizing, like stepping into a dream or a fantastical realm. Plotnikova’s photography features real animals from the wild and in the woods, such as bears, foxes, snakes, elephants and more. Each one of her images will have you questioning how the hell she made these shots possible. The Photographer pairs beautiful models with animals to make her seemingly implausible vision a photographic reality. When you view these photographs, you are transported to your childhood years where you could visualize with greater ease the tales and fables you read of human and animals interacting. With adult eyes, however, some of these images are difficult to look at; because you know the dangers involved with working with wild things – no matter how well “trained” they may be.  One needs to only look at Roy (from the famous Las Vegas pair Siegfried and Roy, who was attacked by one of his beloved “trained” 380-pound Bengal Tiger) to realize that animals are unpredictable and can turn on you in a second.  Still, suspending one’s disbelief and suppressing one’s aversion to danger, looking at  these photographs is a veritable treat. Plotnikova’s work is very romantic, very primal and quite surreal. The photographer’s vision is quite a wonder, but I am also highly impressed by the poise of the models who manage to appear so serene and dreamy in such circumstances.

Check out more of Katerina Plotnikova’s awesome work here.

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