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Fyuse Photography App: A Revolution in Image Sharing

Fyuse Logo

The photography game is changing.

The San Francisco-based app firm Fyusion, Inc. doesn’t want you missing a thing. With virtual reality taking over the world of video, it’s time that photography did the same.

Fyuse Logo

Fyuse Logo

“Photography hasn’t seen any fundamental advancements since the 1980s when photographs were first digitized…We are helping build the next generation of the web by introducing a new approach for capturing and storing visual data, allowing the user to have a 3D view of any scene, person or product.”

—Dr. Radu B. Rusu, CEO and co-founder of Fyusion


Enter Fyuse App for iOS and Android—a photography application that allows users to create “deeply immersive ‘surround view’ images.” Think of it as a 3D panoramic image.

According to the app’s press release, “Fyuse is a spatial photography app that is redefining the way we explore and capture life and engage with others.” The app, whose team of 20 PhD experts come with backgrounds in computer vision, robotics and machine learning, uses a “spatio-temporal platform” that allows its users to “navigate beyond the fixed angle and perspective of traditional mobile photography.”

The company has also given Fyuse a social side, similar to Instagram, where users can share, like and “echo” Fyuses while connecting with friends and other users.

“In the same way Vine used to measure loops, Fyuse’s introduction of tilts provides a truly transparent metric for consumers,” shares CEO and co-founder Dr. Radu B. Rusu in reference to the 3.0 app update, which tracks the number of times a Fyuse has been tilted. “It’s a much truer measure of engagement than typical video views on Facebook or YouTube because it directly correlates to an action by the user.”

Recently the team introduced 3D stickers and live filters to add flair to your Fyuses. With a few simple gestures, users can place, anchor, resize and rotate stickers and text. The decorations behave as part of the image’s environment, rotating with each tilt as if they were there when the Fyuse was captured.

Fyuse captures can also be shared as a video across social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Boost your social media presence with these unique images. Engage your audience with something a little more personal than a photo–Fyuse it.

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