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Photographic Trick

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Normally when we look a photo we can guess when it was took because of the buildings, fashion and cars. That’s how you usually date a photo but when you see this wonderful photos they may have you fooled. Often in the mid-20th century people in America has the obsession for photograph every day scenes form this era but Michael Paul Smith, a New England photographer has recreated many of pages with miniature buildings and cars. At the right distance with forced perspective, Smith recreate miniature sets when he combined real life out doors landscape  with this prepared sets and tiny cars to recreate a  book portraying everyday scenes filled of pure magic and nostalgic moments that transport us back half a century. Michael Smith is also an illustrator of textbooks and model-building hobbyist. His formula for recreate this out doors landscapes and creating the shoots is really simple, using a point-and-shoot camera worth $250, Michael Smith set the shot on instinct, no math or other measuring skills requires, just merely a great eye, Michael Smith’s greatest tool. With a lifetime experience Smith empower us to the greatness of different scenarios of the mid-20th century era. Taking the photo at the right angle with the right position you can make the perfect photo and never  forget to have fun taking them.

photo by: Michael Paul Smith

photo by: Michael Paul Smith

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