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Using Animal cellulose to make a better world

Image courtesy stefan schwabe

Stefan Schwabe and Jannis Hulsen, two German designers, managed to utilize bacterial cellulose to create objects of geometrical shapers. Cellulose is an insoluble substance which it’s also the primary component of plants cell walls and vegetable fibers like the one found in cotton, also used as a prime material for paper.
Now, bacterial cellulose is a form of organic compound generated by some types of bacteria and is more malleable and stronger than plant type of cellulose. Currently there are many methods in development to enhance cellulose growth from cultures. By controlling different synthesis methods the finished product can be fashioned to serve different purposes in several fields like microbiology and biotechnology. Another interesting are of research on microbial cellulose in the electronic paper development. Because of the cellulose’s higher purity  it may be suitable for electronic paper’s development.

Using different shaped containers as base for its shape, the cellulose cones are dried for a period of 14 days. The assembly and shape of the resulting product is all inspired by regular natural patterns like flower seeds or reptile scales.


comments from th artist.

‘The fascination behind the Xylinum Cones project lies in the idea of making things by simply growing them. In our case, we found a microorganism that produces cellulose material from sugar. Taking this as the base for a new production culture, things started to get really interesting. Are these objects actually alive? What parameters need to be set to create an intentional shape?  Our experience during the hands-on process,along with people’s reactions, made us think differently about products, production and the general perception of unfamiliar materials.’



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