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A better spacesuit for a better tomorrow


Let’s think about what are the space suits and what they do. They are necessary elements that ensure that the pressure is stable, keep oxygen levels optimal and protect the wearer from the deadly vacuum of space. Awesome isn’t it? Well, even when all that is good, the suit still has some problems that limit its functionality. The most obvious one is that they are very cumbersome, and for future exoplanet exploration, it could get in the way.

Here comes Dava Newman, an MIT professor that has spent a decade in developing a new kind of space suit. A suit that will allow humans to perform better in places like Mars, for example.  It is slicker, taking away nearly 300 pounds of weight from the equation, making us a little safer.

The suit is less bulky than the current models because it’s pressurized very close to the skin, the tension lines on the suit are flexible enough to allow the arms and legs to move more efficiently. Newman wants to reach a 30% of the atmosphere’s pressure using several other materials to keep the integrity of the suit stable. That percent is essential to maintain someone alive in the vacuum of space.

The” BioSuit” it’s also very resistant to permanent damage, if broken the astronaut can fix the suit with any space-grade bandage. Sadly, the current suit only fits to people 5’5” or taller, but a new one can be built for shorties.  

Newman also believes that the suit can also helps athletes to improve performance, since there is evidence that compression helps muscles. She believes that it will take her around three years to complete the suit and it will be cheaper than the current models that NASA are using.

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